In a Nutshell

AvidForm is a digital solutions agency. We consult. We mentor. We advise. We design. We craft and we help businesses to develop meaningful connections with their clients utilizing today’s latest digital platforms. It’s our passion. It’s what we do. And frankly – it’s something we’re exceptionally good at.


Digital Strategy

Oh my. That sounds like a fancy term. No. It’s not particularly fancy or complex. But, it is one of the “key” steps many small business owners miss when they make the leap to online and social media. Oftentimes business owners rush online because they’ve heard the mantra … “You need to have a web site … You must to be on social media.” And – while we agree with these statements, generally – it’s important to understand that not all businesses need the same level of online engagement. From web sites and blogs to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – there are a multitude of digital tools available to engage your customers. The key to success is strategic and effective implementation, coupled with rigorous tracking of results.

Simply put, developing a Digital Strategy is about evaluating your business needs and creating a realistic step-by-step plan to leverage a variety of digital tools to fulfill your needs in a manageable and achievable fashion.

AvidForm consults with clients to develop a realistic digital strategy that’s customized for your business needs. We’ll advise. We’ll mentor and we’ll craft the solutions to generate the results you’re looking for.


Teach a man to fish …

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
– Chinese Proverb.

You know your business better than anyone. For that reason, our approach is to teach our clients how to leverage the digital world to grow their business. We’ll help get you started. We’ll show you what to do. We’ll build and configure the online and social media tools you need. We’ll mentor you through the process – but – ultimately you’ll need to write the content and manage the day-to-day conversations with your potential clients. At the end of the day, this is how results are achieved. The process revolves around you, your business and your customers.

we consult. we mentor. we advise. we design. we craft.