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digital products and services

custom website solutions

custom website solutions

AvidForm’s custom website solutions are designed to suit each clients specific individual needs and to accommodate the objectives of the client’s digital strategy. And we don’t mess around or ‘cheap out’ – all our website solutions include an array of powerful standard features to enhance security, usability, reliability and performance. Thinking of a building a new website or refreshing something already in place? Call us for a no obligation consultation.

AvidEngineSC - Seniors Centre Management Software

seniors centre management software

AvidEngineSC is a feature rich, highly configurable, cloud based software solution designed to make non-profit 55+ Seniors Activity Centres more efficient, streamlined and secure. With AvidEngineSC Seniors Centres can track and administer members, activities, instructors, volunteers, volunteering opportunities, donors and much more! Learn more about AvidEngineSC.
E-Commerce Solutions

e-commerce solutions

Regardless of your business size – manageable, affordable and secure e-commerce is within reach – seamlessly across mobile and desktop. We’ll help you develop a comprehensive e-commerce strategy that can merge online and in-house sales in a powerful and compelling fashion. Contact us to get your online store up and running.  

Custom Application Development

custom data management platforms

AvidForm offers custom engineered DataEngine products that can be configured in a secure cloud-based environment for access by your entire team. If you manage data and have processes that need to be shared and constantly updated by internal and/or external stake holders – we can help. Our DataEngine solutions are developed based solely on your business complexities and and are designed to scale as you grow. Customized reports – custom integration – customized security. Custom solutions start at $30,000. Call us to learn more.

Digital Consulting Services

consulting services

AvidForm offers mentoring and digital consulting services to help your business develop a comprehensive digital strategy and then guide you through the steps to make that strategy a reality – from initial concept to results measurement, we’re available to assist from one end of the process to the other. Ultimately this is all about communication – it’s about marketing – it’s about generating new business.