WordPress Care Plans

websites – keep it all razor sharp

Nobody wants to use a dull unmaintained tool. It can be dangerous trying.

That’s why we offer (in fact, we insist) that our clients participate in our WordPress Care Plan to avoid security problems, data loss, hacks and degraded performance. Yes – all our website projects are based on the WordPress platform.

our WordPress Care Plan includes:


We’ll backup your site daily (yes – every 24 hours) – and – if your project needs more frequent backups, we can do that too. We’ll retain all your backups for a full 90 days.

file updates

Twice weekly we’ll review your website for updates to any plugins or core files. If we find any, we’ll apply the updates.

threat monitoring

We’ll monitor your site for threats and take action to mitigate them if they show up.

maintenance reports

We’ll compile and send you a Maintenance Report each month outlining the current maintenance status.

disaster mitigation

We’ll be available to get your site back in service promptly in the unlikely event that disaster strikes.


65 / month

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