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Manage Your 55+ Activity Centre with Ease!

AvidEngineSC is a feature rich, cloud based solution designed to make your non-profit Seniors Activity Centre more efficient, streamlined and secure. With AvidEngineSC you can track and administer your members, activities, instructors, volunteers, volunteering opportunities, donors and much more!

Cloud Based

AvidEngineSC allows for rapid deployment, instant scalability and worldwide accessibility. AvidEngineSC is simple to learn, easy to use and backed by AvidForm’s first class premium customer support.


"All the information we need is now right at our fingertips. It used to take me weeks to compile our annual statistics. Now, with AvidEngineSC, anyone on our staff can pull up accurate, up-to-date numbers in seconds. The pressure it takes off the staff is tremendous."

~ Maureen Orton, Executive Director
Confederation Park 55+ Activity Centre, Calgary, Alberta

"AvidEngineSC makes tracking tens of thousands of volunteer hours across multiple departments easy. It's simple and intuitive to use, and has saved me hundreds of hours - and dozens of headaches!"

~ Janice Hillmer, Coordinator of Volunteers
Confederation Park 55+ Activity Centre, Calgary, Alberta

AvidEngineSC – Powerful, Simple, Secure

AvidEngineSC – Simply Powerful

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AvidEngineSC – High Level Functionality

Manage your membership information with ease! Add name, photo, address, contact info (including phone, email, cellular), birthdate, emergency info (including doctor and family contacts), health limitations, dues status, FSII compliance and more.

Classes, clubs, drop-in sessions or special events – AvidEngineSC can help you manage your activities! Specify multiple activity dates, set enrollment limits (minimums and maximums), track categories, set registration fees, lock activities for members only or open them to anyone – add activity descriptions, create activity brochures and generate real-time attendance lists (based on confirmed registrations).

When you enroll your members in activities, AvidEngineSC automatically creates and queues an invoice for payment and simultaneously adds the registrant to the class enrollment list.

AvidEngineSC logic does not allow duplicate registrations and will not allow members without an active annual membership to register in “member only ” activities. Additionally, should a member decide to withdraw from an activity, the system automatically generates a credit memo and allows you to decide whether a full or partial refund is due.

AvidEngineSC automatically creates and queues invoices for payment on a member by member basis. Multiple activity registrations are aggregated into a single invoice (which is marked as “DUE”). Once the member (registrant) pays his/her invoice, you can mark the invoice “PAID” with a virtual “PAID” stamp to indicate that it’s been looked after.

The AvidEngineSC invoice process maintains standardized control over what monies have been paid and allows reporting that can tally up the total value of invoices between select calendar dates.

With AvidEngineSC it’s easy to keep your activity receivables in balance! Your auditors will give you a big thumbs up!

When a member enrolls in an activity, they are instantly added to the activity “attendance sheet”. Share the attendance sheet with your instructors and they’ll know who is officially registered (and who isn’t). Each “attendance sheet” includes the contact info for the class participants (unless a participant has indicated they want it kept private).

Plus – as a bonus – each participant can obtain a personalized itinerary of all their Centre activities – something to stick on the front of the refrigerator as a reminder of their scheduled activities!

AvidEngineSC ensures managing instructors is simple and seamless. Track all your instructors and their contact information, a photo, company info, hourly fee, biography etc. Connect each instructor to the course/activity they’re teaching and automatically generate contracts based on whether they’re teaching/instructing as an independent contractor or through their own company.

Activity brochures for advertising the activity/class that the instructor is leading can also be generated. The brochure automatically incorporates biographical details for the instructor along with his/her photo.

If your Centre uses volunteers (and – of course you do), you’ll be able to use the AvidEngineSC “Volunteering Module” to manage and schedule volunteering opportunities. You’ll be able to schedule dates and times, assign categories and stipulate the number of volunteering spots available for each session. Once volunteering opportunities are set up, volunteers can simply book the dates and times they want to volunteer for. (COMING SOON – The ability for volunteers to self-book volunteering sessions using iOS devices)

In the “People” section of AvidEngineSC, it’s easy to mark any person as a volunteer and enroll them in volunteering opportunities around your Centre. Manage, book, log and archive volunteer hours on a volunteer by volunteer basis.

Logic within AvidEngineSC does not allow a volunteer to rebook a volunteer session that they have already booked. (COMING SOON – The ability for volunteers to self-book volunteering sessions using iOS devices)

AvidEngineSC can automatically generate an “Itinerary” for your volunteers, displaying the dates, times and locations of all their booked volunteering opportunities. Send these out periodically to your active volunteers to remind them of their upcoming bookings.

Effective Q3 2017, AvidEngineSC can send SMS (text message) reminders to volunteers scheduled to work on an active volunteering task in the next 24 hours.

COMING SOON – The donor tracking and fundraising module for AvidEngineSC is currently in development and will be available as an optional add-on in 2017.

With donor tracking, your Centre will be able to keep track of gifts and stay in touch with your active donor base.

AvidEngineSC currently includes reporting capability for member stats, volunteering, invoices and activities. The following reports are currently included (with additional reports coming in future releases).

  • Active Membership for the current year
  • Birthdays in the next 14 days
  • Previous Years Members now Inactive
  • Membership Age Category Breakdown
  • Male Membership Age Category Breakdown
  • Female Membership Age Category Breakdown
  • Avery Mailing Labels for Membership
  • Current Year Membership Cards (Blanks)
  • Current Year Membership Cards (Customized)
  • Invoice Report – Activities by Participant
  • Invoice Report – Participants by Activity
  • Invoice Report for Dues Collected
  • Credit Memo Report
  • Volunteer Hours Report
  • Summary of Active Volunteers
  • Volunteer Contact Directory
  • Find Volunteers Report

Real World Benefits!

We developed version 1.0 of AvidEngineSC over a period of several months, working in conjunction with the staff at a busy 55+ Activity Centre. AvidEngine incorporates a wide range of features that mirror the workflow and the day-to-day challenges of administering numerous members, activities, instructors, volunteers and donors.

The primary goal behind AvidEngine is to improve efficiency, accountability and free up time for staff to get back to what they do best – helping seniors hands on.

Here are a few of the direct benefits your centre will see when using AvidEngineSC ...


The days of paper based reports and spreadsheets to manage of your +55 Activity Centre are over! AvidEngineSC will standardize your workflow, and your methodologies for dealing with memberships, registrations, instructors, volunteers and donors. AvidEngineSC follows a rigorous “best practices” methodology for each of the common day-to-day tasks encountered by busy 55+ Activity Centres.


With AvidEngineSC your membership’s confidential information is kept secure. Connections to the platform are always secured via https and we maintains a strict policy to enforce robust and complex passwords are used at all times.

All data files (inclusive of backups) are stored in an encrypted format. Your data remains encrypted and secured both in transit and at rest.

Improve Staff Efficiency

With moderate training AvidEngineSC ensures that each of your front-line staff can manage all your membership and activity information in a central data repository. The result? Time savings – improved efficiency and absolute standardization.

Data Analysis and Reporting

AvidEngineSC is a powerful report generating tool. When reports are generated, AvidEngineSC queries your data in realtime, so your reports are always comprised of the latest information.

No more cross referencing from one spreadsheet to another. No more counting entries on paper. Just press a button and generate your report.

And – we’re adding new reporting capabilities on a regular basis!

Mobile Access

As the world moves from desktop to mobile, so too does AvidEngineSC. Our platform currently has beta versions available for iOS devices and we’re transitioning to a browser based system that will allow access from Android tablets and phones as well. (Coming in 2017).

With AvidEngineSC, your staff can move about your Centre and sign members up for Activities using a wifi connection and an iPad!

Speed & Efficiency

Repetition can be annoying – especially when it involves entering the same data into multiple platforms. With AvidEngineSC, your staff will be freed from the monotony and inefficiency of manually transferring information from paper, to spreadsheet, to text docs and back to paper again. Intuitively organized data entry screens make data collection easy and fast.

And generating reports is a cinch – press a button – select a date range and voila! AvidEngineSC will streamline your workflow and free your staff for other tasks.

Business Continuity

Should disaster strike your Centre, you can rest assured that with AvidEngineSC you’ll be back up and running in a snap. Your members details, activity schedules, instructor contracts – all safe and sound in the cloud. Simply log-in and start working from any location.

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan

AvidForm uses the world class infrastructure of AWS (Amazon Web Services) to deliver AvidEngineSC as a secure and incredibly stable cloud based service. AWS offers unparalleled enterprise level security, performance, reliability and scalability. The AvidEngine platform leverages AWS infrastructure to ensure comprehensive, lightweight and compliant recovery processes .. from spinning up new server instances to recovering data from immediately available distributed data warehouses – we have our clients covered.

AvidEngineSC – Intuitive, easy to use interface

Frequently Asked Questions ...

No. There is no contract to sign. You are free to cancel at any time after your latest paid billing cycle (monthly).

The Terms of Service (TOS) for AvidEngineSC apply to users accessing the platform. The TOS are available from the Main page within the AvidEngineSC platform by selecting ABOUT>>TERMS of SERVICE. A copy of the TOS is also available here.

Yes. The amount we bill monthly includes a 5% GST charge. Due to the nature of how PayPal incorporates automated recurring subscription charges, we are unable to break the GST out as a separate line item.

Yes. We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard and Amex. All payments are securely processed by PayPal.

Your credit card is charged at the beginning of your monthly billing cycle.

No. Due to the nature of our pricing strategy we are unable to offer refunds.

Should you decide to stop using AvidEngineSC, we will terminate your account at the end of your current billing cycle and delete all of your data, (including live and backups).

We can provide an export of your base dataset in csv format (which should be suitable for importation into other platforms or spreadsheets). Note that photos, and attachments are encrypted and cannot be exported.

AvidEngineSC is available between 6am and 6pm (Mountain Time) Monday through Friday. Access to the system is disabled on Saturdays and Sundays and through the evening hours on weekdays. We do this to allow for maintenance and upgrades – and to push new features into production.

Should you require access during off-hours, just let us know and we’ll be happy to open access up for you. (There is currently a nominal charge of $5/hour for off-hour activation.) Call us, if you have questions.

AvidEngineSC in the Cloud is accessible by installing the AESC client application which provides additional functionality and security. The AESC client needs to be installed on a local MacOS or Windows computer. The AESC client application can only be installed on units that have one of the following operating systems in place:

  • For MacOS:
    MacOS Sierra v10.12 (64-bit only)
    OS X El Capitan v10.11 (64-bit only)
    OS X Yosemite v10.10 (64-bit only)
  • For Windows:
    Windows 10 Pro
    Windows 10 Enterprise
    Windows 8.1 Standard
    Windows 8.1 Pro
    Windows 8 Pro
    Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate
    Windows 7 SP1 Professional

When using AvidEngineSC you are connecting to your database in the Cloud and, as such, moving data back and forth (in an encrypted format) while working on the system. Therefore faster Internet connectivity will yield a better experience.

AvidEngineSC performs best on a high speed Internet connection, but will run on slower connections, if necessary. We recommend that your office should have an Internet connection speed of at least 30 Mbps.

No. AvidForm provides you a licensed connection to the AvidEngineSC Cloud. There is no additional cost.

When you become a client we will provide a link for you to download and install the AESC client application on your local computers (MacOS or Windows) . The version of AESC client that we supply is tied to our Cloud license, so must be connected to AvidEngineSC to function properly.

Support issues are handled by visiting our dedicated support site at (link opens in a new window). The Support Centre includes a comprehensive self serve Knowledge Base, where most questions can be answered.

We also offer an online “Chat Forum” where we try to resolve minor issues within a few minutes.

Should you require direct assistance, you can submit a support ticket in the Support Centre – we endeavour to resolve all support ticket issues within 3 to 4 hours.

AvidEngineSC Support Centre

Sure! We’ll be happy to look at your existing dataset and give you a price for cleaning it up and importing it into AvidEngineSC.

As existing datasets come in a variety of formats and organizational states, we can’t offer a single ‘one size fits all’ price for managing data imports. In our experience, it will typically take 2 to 3 hours to do a complete data import (depending on the format and state of your dataset). We charge $50/hour for data import services.

As an alternative, you can simply have one of your staff manually input data to the system. Once your existing dataset is in place, new registrations of members and activities are easy and quick to perform.

As an active client on AvidEngineSC, you will receive 2 (two) concurrent seats to access the system. The system can be accessed using the AESC desktop client application, via iOS devices using the AESC iOS app (limited functionality until 2017) or by a web browser (available in 2017).

When you access the system, you create a connection between your device and the AvidEngineSC Cloud service. (When you log off, you free up a connection.) You are only allowed 2 concurrent connections by any combination of client devices, (desktop, iOS device, web browser) under the standard license agreement. For additional clarity, you may install the AESC client software on several in house computers, but only 2 concurrent connections are allowed.

Should you require more than 2 concurrent users, additional seats can be added, for a fee.

AvidEngineSC is a Cloud based service hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS operates a large network of global data centres across North America, Europe, South America, Australia and Asia Pacific. We currently utilize EC2 Elastic Compute and S3 Storage (along with several other AWS services) in the US West region of Amazon’s system from their Oregon data centre. This means your data will currently be domiciled in the US. Effective December 9th, 2016 AWS launched a Canadian data centre in Montreal. This gives us the ability to domicile data in Canada, as an option. (If it’s important to your organization that your dataset be based in Canada, please call us to discuss.)

As Governments are slowly introducing privacy legislation dealing with data retention in the Cloud and jurisdictional oversight, it is important for you to know where your data physically exists. Also understand that with the exception of public sector entities there is currently (mid 2016) no legislation restricting your usage of Cloud services. For more information on this topic, refer to the TechSoup article, entitled “Canadian privacy law, cloud computing and how it applies to nonprofits” (updated Dec 2015)

AWS Worldwide Infrastructure

AvidEngineSC is in active development. The product is currently (June 2017) at version 1.3.5. Bug fixes and releases with new functionality are typically rolled out every 60 to 90 days.

We do not have a user manual for AvidEngineSC, but we do maintain (and are constantly adding to) a detailed online Knowledge Base in the AvidEngineSC Support Centre located at – and, it’s searchable, so finding the answers to your questions is simple and efficient. And – if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, simply raise a support ticket and we’ll promptly help you out.

Yes. We are currently (Q4 2016) creating a library of videos that will highlight the various modules of AvidEngineSC. The video Library is located here.

And – don’t forget to visit the Support Centre located at – which includes a searchable interface, so finding answers to your questions is simple and efficient. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, simply raise a support ticket and we’ll promptly help you out.

AvidEngineSC Pricing

Secure Payments by PayPal

AvidEngineSC is available on a monthly subscription basis. There are currently three flavours of the application available. The base module (BIRCH) includes the People, Activities, Instructors, Venues and Reporting modules. Add on the Volunteering module and/or the Giving module (Q1 2017) for increased functionality.


  •   People Module

  •   Activities Module

  •   Instructors Module

  •   Volunteering Module

  •   Venues Module

  •   Giving Module

  •   Reporting Module

  •   SMS Module

  •   Batch Email Module

  •   Backup Storage

  •   Concurrent Seats

  •   Support


$395/mo ($414.75 with GST)
  • 100 GB

  • 2 seats


$475/mo ($498.75 with GST)
  • 150 GB

  • 2 Seats

Q1 2018


$499/mo ($523.95 with GST)
  • 175 GB

  • 2 Seats

Secure Payments by PayPal

“This is the tool you’ve been looking for!”